Clean drinking water is not a given.

The quality of tap water can never be completely good. There are several water companies that must provide millions of people with water. And that’s not even touching on the pipes!

The quality of the water is largely measurable by a TDS meter. We trust our devices 100%. They do exactly what they need to do: remove all impurities from the water.

Our Mission

With Elixer Water, we want to make a difference in people’s daily lives. We are committed to continuously improving our technologies and processes, to ensure that our water is not only the purest but also the most responsible choice for our customers. We believe that through this commitment to quality, transparency, and honesty, we can create a healthier and more conscious future together.

How to Make Distilled Water at Home

The Reality of Drinking Water

The Reality of Drinking Water Although the quality of drinking water in the Netherlands(where we live) is good, we believe it can always be better. Our TDS meters prove that even the best tap water contains contaminants. Therefore, we rely on our advanced purification technologies to guarantee truly clean water.

We Stand for Truly Clean Drinking Water

In January 2021, Tjerk Pieter and Robin took the helm at Elixer Water, with the primary goal of raising awareness about the quality of Dutch drinking water and emphasizing the benefits of truly clean water. Together, we are committed to a healthier and more conscious society.

Tjerk Pieter & Robin